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Hey there, loves!

Man, it has been a while. I have definitely been slacking with this blog! And that's what happens at the end of summer, right? Everyone wants to hunker down and get back to work.... And I've noticed over the years what that means for yogis- PRACTICE DWINDLES! This is the time of year where our yoga tends to fall by the wayside.


Please don't roll up your mats and leave them in your trunk for the rest of the year! Let's make a commitment to ourselves to continue (or START!) taking care of our bodies and minds and not letting "life stuff" that seems "more important" get in the way. In honor of this, I have



My goal is to make this practice more accessible to more people, and for those who do practice to be able to hold that commitment to themselves, and keep practicing regularly.

And I practice what I preach, too! I am super excited to be taking an 30-hour Immersion course this September, not only to hold myself accountable to my commitment, but also to revamp my teaching- maybe change some things up, learn some new tools, whatever I can get. I believe wholeheartedly that a teacher can only be effective if they always remain a student as well.

So, let's get real with ourselves. Make that commitment. Hold yourself accountable. And if finances are an issue, you can ALWAYS reach out. We can ALWAYS figure something out. Believe me- I've been there. And nobody should be denied access to yoga because of freakin' money- EVER.

So with that, shoot me a text, call me whenevs- let's find a time to work together and take care of ourselves!

Love you all! XOXO

Om namah shivaya <3

Krista Michelle

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